Our business is founded with a social footprint and humanist principles.
We think that the weavers of Bhagalpur must get a better deal for their craft. We believe this is possible by increasing the value of their craft and sharing that value equitably. We want to achieve that.
And even though our enterprise was born from a passion to make a social impact, we know to make a lasting change, we must craft outstanding products of the highest quality: a good story can only go as far.







Our enterprise is housed in a disused 1960s factory building in Bhagalpur, which we have renovated.
We started the project in August 2014. One of the co-founders, Satyakam Saha, who is an architect and a visual artist, undertook transformation of the physical space, which lay abandoned for a couple of decades: its disuse obvious in overgrowth of lush foliage in the adjoining land - and even on the building. Between August 2014 and March 2015, Satyakam put together a band of workers: masons, ironsmith, electricians; and relentlessly worked on converting the dilapidated building into a warm space that inspires and spurs us to be creative.
Satyakam used minimal resources, whatever was possible to acquire in Bhagalpur within our modest budget; upcycled the material found on the premises; and used his creativity to salvage a lost space now being used to restore the pride of a team engaged in weaving, a craft that connects us to the origin of human civilization. Our workspace underscores our philosophy. It also starts a change we anticipate and embodies it.


Bhagalpur is an old town on the river Ganges in the central-eastern state of Bihar, India. It is an important silk exporter and is popularly known as the silk-city