Solids are single coloured scarves that display our obsession for quality and craftsmanship.

These simple and elegant scarves are a result of deft weaving and careful dyeing of yarn to ensure consistency of texture and tone of colours.

Our solids are woven in twill, plain and basket weaves in various thickness; and are available in six colours: Pink (Baker-Miller); Burgundy; Khaki; Garnet; Steel Grey; and Caramel.

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One of the most popular tessellations, houndstooth is formed by applying technical weaving pattern.

It is particularly challenging to weave houndstooth on handloom since any error is likely to stand out glaringly.

The name houndstooth is because of the repeating geometric block comprising protruding teeth-like pattern; and seems to have been first created, by many accounts, in Scotland in the early 19th century.

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Checks are the most natural pattern for weaving, which essentially is interlacing two sets of yarn - warp and weft - at right angles.

The variety of checks is quite diverse from simple (Gingham) to complex (Scottish plaids or Madras checks); from two colours to as many as you wish and can imagine to mix!

We keep things simple but elegant and focus on Gingham and Shepherds checks.

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Our melange scarves are the ones where we experiment with complex weaving patterns.

The results are worth the effort!

Watch out this space for some original designs, geometrical patterns as we make use of our dobby looms ( or even Jacquard).

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