This single coloured scarf woven deftly with hand-dyed yarn displays our obsession for quality and craftsmanship. It has taken immense care to ensure soft texture and consistent tone of colour.

The warm brown is accentuated by a red selvedge giving it a rustic but luxurious feel.


Length : 190 cm
Width : 70 cm
Weight : ca. 80 gm


Reed : 44
Pick : 44

Reed is the number of threads per inch across the width of  the scarf and Pick is the number of threads per inch across the length of the scarf. Higher number of reed and pick means denser fabric.

We use a relatively thicker yarn (2 ply, 140nm) but still a higher thread count, which makes our scarf much sturdier and long lasting. A loose twist while spinning the yarn and master weaving ensure that the scarf is soft and luxurious.

Care Instructions

This is a fine textile, which needs a little care to preserve. Though you can wash this scarf in cold water with hand using a mild detergent, it would be better if you dry cleaned it. If you wash it, do not squeeze the scarf too tightly: best is to roll the wet scarf in a cotton towel and lay out to air dry. This is a durable fabric that is likely to be with you for a very long time. Enjoy!

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